Optimum Time Watches Phantom Southern Travellers at Bowmoor Sailing Club

Fifteen boats attended the Phantom Open at Bowmoor SC on the 14th October, 10 visitors and 5 from Bowmoor. It was an overcast day with winds oscillating between 5 and 10 mph with plenty of direction changes.

All 3 races got away first time and in Race 1, Olly Hopkins (Bowmoor) was first to the windward mark followed by Jim Hopton (Shustoke) and Dean Griffiths (Bowmoor). It was a close tussle at the front but Jim dropped back when he infringed at the windward mark and had to do a 720. Mike Tustin (Bowmoor) then established a clear lead with Dean and Olly battling for second place. On the last lap Dean went high and was passed by Tom Whittingham (Bowmoor) and Pete Barnstable (Sutton Bingham) who both got a nice gust while Dean was in a wind free area.
For Race 2 Nick Orman (Castle Cove) got an excellent Start on the pin end and was first to the windward mark followed by Leigh Riddell (Broadwater SC) and Jim Hopton. Jim went into the lead and stayed there until the end followed by Nick and Mike Tustin.

Nick was again first to the windward mark in race 3 followed again by Leigh and then Paul Birbeck (Wimbleball). Jim capsized on the first beat and was last to the first mark but recovered to entually take 4th. This time Nick held on to the lead to be followed home by Tom and Paul.

With 3 different winners then the final results were close but Nick was the winner with a 1st and a 2nd followed by Mike with a 1st and a 3rd and Jim with a 1st and a 4th beating Tom by the virtue of a 1st from Tom's best result of a 2nd.

Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Club R1 R2 R3 Pts
1st 1446 Nick Orman Castle Cove (RET) 2 1 3
2nd 1438 Mike Tustin Bowmoor 1 3 ‑5 4
3rd 1400 Jim Hopton Shustoke ‑6 1 4 5
4th 1406 Tom Whittingham Bowmoor 3 ‑12 2 5
5th 1373 Pete Barnstable Sutton Bingham SC 4 5 ‑9 9
6th 1419 Paul Birbeck Wimbleball ‑10 7 3 10
7th 1297 Dean Griffiths Bowmoor 5 6 ‑12 11
8th 1343 Olly Hopkins Bowmoor 2 10 (RET) 12
9th 1424 Simon Clark Whitefriars SC 9 4 ‑11 13
10th 1392 Leigh Riddell Broadwater SC ‑12 9 6 15
11th 14 Jon Cooper Bowmoor ‑8 8 7 15
12th 1348 Richard Cumberbatch Castle Cove 7 ‑11 8 15
13th 1318 Dave Patrick Broadwater 13 ‑14 10 23
14th 1430 Gorden Kingston‑Minnis Leigh on Solent 11 15 (RET) 26
15th 1300 Ivan Walsh ‑14 13 13 26