Optimum Time Watches Southern Phantom Travellers Series Round 3 at Bowmoor Sailing Club – 14th April

A warm welcome and usual car park banter met visitors and locals to Round 3 at Bowmoor Sailing Club.   The sunshine welcome, the lack of any wind meant discussions of delay abounded.  However as if on demand the 6/8 knots forecast arrived just after completion of the briefing.
The first race started cleanly and Nick Ormam showed his usual speed to win from Alister Morley.  The second start was a little more lively and a number of bangs and bumps resulted in a number of turns and some discussion over lunch.  Nick won again, with local Phil Benn benefitting from the quickening Alister who retired following the start line events.
A very pleasant lunch break was taken and 2 more back to back races held.  Race 3 saw Nick and Alister tangle at the start resulting in the rest of the fleet having a chance.  Ivan Walsh got so far in front the most gave up chasing but he was caught by Alister, Nick and Phil.  The final race saw the whole fleet contesting the final run with Alister staying in front of Nick and Tom Whittington.
Cake, beer and prizes finished a very enjoyable day.
1st Alister Morley     Salcombe Sailing Club
2nd Nick Ormam     Castle Cove Sailing Club
3rd Phil Benn             Bowmoor Sailing Club  

Simon Clark