Early Christmas present for Phantom Sailors


Phantom sailors are in for a treat in 2022 with the new Midlands Travellers Series being recently finalized. After the success of this year’s series, which saw 44 competitors taking part, the aim is to build on the already popular events in the midlands, adding some new venues for 2022.

The class is delighted to yet again partner with sponsors HD Sails and Ceilidh who are one of the leading Phantom sail and carbon rig combinations. Together HD Sails and Ceilidh have come up with a new mast section for the Phantom. ‘Just like the Merlin mast development, the Phantom mast has brought a narrower sectioned teardrop shape with an integrated track. The new section boom boast 50% more stiffness than the traditional oval boom. Combining with the established HD sail completes the package.


The Phantom Midlands Traveller Series, due to it’s central location and dare I say it’s reputation for good racing attracts not just local sailors but also boats from neighbouring regions.  The programme of mainly one day events has something for everyone. If you’ve not yet taken part in any open meeting previously, why not try out some of the great venues up for offer in 2022. There is a mix of abilities and it’s a great way to learn from some of the regulars who are a friendly bunch, keen to offer advice and support in boat set up and on the water tactics.  

This years series winner Charlie Chandler (pic.top right), from Bowmoor Sailing Club reflects….

After all the Covid rubbish and lockdown the 2021 Midlands Traveller Series was just what I wanted. Single day events, all relatively close to home, great racing and good turnouts. I only got a Phantom 12 months ago, so it was good to get to speak to different people about how they sail the boat, how they rig it and what their in-boat priorities are. I loved how welcoming and open the people were and after all the virtual working it was great being with groups of people face to face……. all with a love of Phantom’ing

With Christmas just around the corner, new season isn’t that far away and it’s set to be a cracker !!

With lots of midland clubs wanting to get involved in 2022** it has been difficult putting together the perfect selection box of events, but with good feedback from this years participants, hopefully we have a blend to suit all. Best five results from seven events.


HD/Ceilidh  Phantom Midlands Traveller Series 2022



Why not make a news years resolution to travel more in 2022 !!


 ** Full Listings of 2022 Phantom Open Meetings will be listed as they become available


Happy Christmas and a Phantastic New Year

Mike Webster

Midlands Area Representative