Class Constitution

The Phantom is governed not only by the measurement rules but also a Class Consitution. A copy of this can be downloaded from the downloads section, but is also below.



1. Name: The Association shall be known as the Phantom Class Association.
2. Objectives: The objectives of the Association are to encourage the growth of the Phantom Class; establish a register of boats complying with the Phantom Class rules and organise annual National Championships and any other fixtures as thought fit.
3. Membership: Membership shall be open to everybody who is interested in the Phantom Class, but voting powers shall be in the hands of boat owners only.
4. Subscriptions: Annual subscriptions shall be £20 and shall be paid to the Hon Treasurer by 1st January each year.
5. Accounts: The accounts of the Association shall be made up to 30th June in each year, shall be audited, and copies of the accounts shall be made available to all members.
6. Alterations of Constitution: Any alterations of these articles shall be passed at an Annual General Meeting by a majority of two-thirds at least of those members present and voting. Notice of a motion of any alteration of these articles shall be given in writing to the secretary at least 28 [twenty eight] days before any AGM, and any notice there-of shall be given by the secretary to each member at least 14 [fourteen] days before such meeting.
7. Meetings:
a. The AGM of the Association shall be held during the National Championships or, if these are not held in any year, during the month of October. The secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting on the direction of the committee, or on receipt of a written request signed by the owners of at least 12 [twelve] boats, stating the purpose for which such meeting shall be called. Such meeting shall be held within 28 [twenty eight] days of it’s being called, and 14 [fourteen] days notice there-of shall be given. Only that business may be transacted for which the meeting was called.
b. An agenda for each Meeting shall be sent to all members not less than 20 [twenty] days before the date of the meeting in question.
8. Officers and Committee: shall comprise a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Two Technical Advisers and Five Members. With the exception of the technical advisers, these shall be elected annually at the AGM. Hon Presidents and Vice-Presidents may be elected by invitation of the Association.
9. Technical Advisers: The two technical advisers to the Association shall be Brian Taylor and Paul Wright.
10. Class Racing: No Phantom dinghy shall compete in a class race against other such dinghies unless it has a valid Racing Certificate. These shall be renewed annually each January on receipt of the annual class subscription of the owner.
11. Powers of the Committee: The committee may:
a. Appoint sub-committees and delegate to them such powers as it feels fit.
b. Fill any casual vacancy.
c. Grant such honoraria and pay such travelling expenses as it thinks proper.
12. Postal Ballot: The Committee, or the Association in general meeting, may refer any question to the decision of the members by Postal Ballot, subject to the following conditions:
a. Voting papers shall be dispatched so as to reach members in the ordinary course of the post at least 14 [fourteen] days before they are due to be returned.
b. Each question submitted shall be answerable by either “Yes” or “No”.
c. The Secretary shall send herewith any memoranda directed by the Committee and on receipt of adequate copies of any memoranda from a member, shall within 3 [three] days there-of, also send out such memoranda, but at the expense of the member concerned.
d. The Secretary shall certify the results of the ballot in writing. Any question decided as aforesaid, shall be deemed to have been decided at an AGM or EGM, as the case may be subject to there having been decided by an appropriate majority of those actually returning ballot papers.

Notices shall be deemed to have been duly served if posted by ordinary pre-paid letter post to the last known address of the member. In the case of joint owners of boats, notice only need be sent to the one named first in the records of the Association. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting or ballot, or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting or ballot by, any person entitled to receive notice, shall not invalidate that ballot or the proceedings at the meeting.

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