Plastic Phantoms

The latest Phantoms are manufactured by Ovington Boats. Vandercraft were the original builders of the "Plastic Phantastics" in the 90's and Jeff Vanderborght brought Ovington onboard to help improve the quality of the boat even further to what he had already achieved, before the class association bought the moulds from Jeff in 2012. Following that Ovington Boats became the sole builders, though it is possible to buy the boats from other sources.

The Ovington boat has only taken the original Vandercraft designed interior (note that the hull shape is basically the same as wooden boats) and improved it further with their technical know how. It features a dished design cockpit with a clean layout. The owner is free to play with the setup of the control lines, etc, as they wish but many will stick with the way that Vandercraft lay them out. This boat may also be bought through other companies that will layout the controls as they see fit.

deep cockpit

This photo clearly shows the dish effect cockpit of the plastic Phantom. It is a very clean layout and the floor is either coated in a non-slip finish (in the case of Vandercraft Phantoms or moulded in the case of Ovington Phantoms).

double bottom

This picture shows a sailor hiking in a plastic Phantom. This droop style is not to everyones taste and a lot of sailors use a straight leg hike. Either way it is probably advisable to invest in a pair of hiking shorts to ease the pain that is felt in any hiking boat.

Random Phantom Image

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